Stringband Class

Since 1980: The Canote Brothers Stringband Class!

We love the beautiful old fiddle tunes and the hypnotic “in the moment” experience of playing this American  “Old Time music”.  We wish everybody could join us!  So, with that end in mind, we have taught our ongoing group stringband class in the Seattle area for over thirty years.

Fiddles, mandolins, guitars, ukuleles, and banjos come together once a week over an eight week “quarter” : Fall, Winter and Spring.  Every week, we learn a new tune and also enjoy our other tunes from that session played “en masse.”

We’ve taught hundreds of tunes and always manage to have a great time.  Over the years, graduates of the class have gone on to bigger things: friendships, bands, CD’s, we’ve even had a couple of marriages that got their start over a tune on a Monday or Tuesday night!

Our friend and star student Maya Whitmont , has put together a stellar website featuring all  of the tunes we’ve taught over the last ten years or so- Check it out!

Seattle Class Schedule

SPRING QUARTER-  Watch this space! As things open up, and everyone gets vaccinated, we will consider our options!

Monday nights, 7:15 ’till  about 8:45pm at the historic Fremont Community Church in Seattle.
On 36th, one block east of Fremont Ave.  Enter through the front door and go up the stairs.

Six week session- $100 or $20 per class                                                      Seven week session – $120 or $20 per class                                                  Eight week session – $140 or $20 per class

(We encourage folks  to sign up for the entire quarter, but drop-ins are always welcome.)

Don’t forget your milking machines!  (Bring a recording device!)

Fiddlers and Mandolinists- Contact Greg at    or call 206 265-2466
Guitarists and Uke players- Call Jere at 206 612-0534
Banjoists- Call Candy at 206 723-0188

See you there!

We also teach private lessons on a regular or occasional basis.  Please call to check availability.


A lot of folks have been asking for my current  list of tunes in the Calico tuning! Here they are (so far).  – Greg

Cotton eyed Joe (many versions)
Three Forks of Cheat (Burl Hammons)
Pretty Polly Anne
Polly Ann (Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith)
Chased the Devil*
Frosty Morning* (Melvin Wine)
Texas Farewell (Jim Pate)
Jaybird in the Ashbrook
Lost Indian (Eck Robertson)
Lost Indian (Mose Coffman)
Lost Indian (Ed Haley)
Grigsby’s Hornpipe (Eck Robertson))
Happy Hollow (Marcus Martin)
Calico (Marcus Martin)
Sandy River (Marcus Martin)
When I Get My New House Done (Marcus Martin)
Bill Brown (John Salyer)
Fruit fly Blues (Pete Sutherland)
Black Mtn Rag
Choctaw Bill* (Blaine Smith) (originally a C tune)
Tennessee Mtn Fox Chase* (C tune)
Bibb Co. Hoe-down* (C tune)
Drunken Hiccoughs (Tommy Jarrell and others)
Walkin’ Back to Texas (Greg Canote)
Old Blue Bonnet (Uncle George Nicholson)
Cows in the Pea Patch (Burl Hammons)
Snowbird in the Ashbank (Earl Collins)
Scolding Wife (Marion Reece)
Prisoner Boy (Jim Pate)
Robinson County* (C tune)
Walk Along John to Kansas* (K.C. Kartchner)
Enword in the Treetop (John Hannah)
Old Man Gone (Greg Canote)
Jenny Nettles (Willie Collins) (from the Thede book)
Cripple Creek (J.S. Price) (from the Thede book)
Come Back Alive (Greg Canote)
Swing 9 Yards of Calico* (JP Fraley)
Hickory Smith (Greg Canote)
Dixie Darling*
Dearest Friend* (Lone Prairie)
Clifftop Cooper (Greg Canote)
Piney Woods (Hammons)
Betty Ann (John Ashby, Bob Wills)
White River (Ozark tune)
Jericho (Ozark)
Bear Creek Sally Goodin (Ozark)
Scott’s Return* (W.E. Claunch)
Gwine Down the Valley*
Obama’s March to the Whitehouse (Greg Canote)
One-eyed Gopher (Violet Hensley)
Billy in the Lowground (from the Hartford Collection)
Laurel Lonesome
* -works in calico