Canote Brothers
SMALL WONDER BANJOS :: Jere Canote - Craftsman

My fascination with banjos was first sparked in 1975 when I discovered the joys of old time music while living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Soon I was repairing and restoring great old instruments, and after settling in Seattle, I began designing and building my own banjo-family instruments in 1985. I am especially fond of the the late 19th century banjo aesthetic, and at the same time I enjoy taking banjo design in playful and humorous directions. I've had a lot of experience creating custom inlays, including: skeletons, lizards, frogs, dragonflies, butterflies, crows, cats, llamas, hens, roosters, burning candles, and floral motifs. I have built open backed 5 string Banjos (both 11", and 12' rims) minstrel banjos, banjo-guitars, and banjo-ukes (using both standard banjo construction, and my unique "neck-through" body design).

Some of the happy owners of my instruments include:
John Reischman - Nylon strung banjo-mandolin
Laurie Lewis - 5 string "piccolo" banjo
Christine Balfa - Fancy maple banjo-uke
Bill Frisell - Custom walnut cutaway banjo-guitar, featured on his Nonesuch CD, "Ghost Town"
John Miller- Custom fretless banjo-guitar

Please check out the photos of some of my creations and feel free to regarding your "banjo-family" instrument needs.