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GENETICS ON PARADE! Years ago in a San Francisco Chinese restaurant, we received our favorite cookie fortune of all time. It was one word: TWINS!   Since twin babyhood, we have taken advantage of our matching genetics: as Christmas elves tap dancing our way around a wishing well in the first grade, to our thirteen year stint as the affable radio side-kicks on NPR’s Sandy Bradley’s Potluck.

We are proud to think of ourselves as links in the chain of musical brother duets like the Stanley Brothers, the Blue Sky Boys, Sam and Kirk Magee or the Everlys. But we are always amazed by the possibilities of a fiddle and a guitar, (and those genetically matched voices). While we have one foot firmly planted in the traditions of American Roots music, we certainly have an ear tuned to the novel and the quirky – as one reviewer put it, “Their songs all have the ring of cock-eyed classics!”

Here’s a recent quotable quote:
“Can I tell you how much I adore those wacky Canote Brothers? Can I? In ties that are nearly as wide as their smiles, you head on back in time to an era of high waisted trousers and crank start automobiles and never mind that you’re in the basement of a rather swanky and expensive music store, it’s all back porch when those boys swing. Golly gee whiz, did they bring the wholesome tunes and the big smiley times.”  – Pam  (from her blog, “NERDS EYE VIEW“)

See the Guys in action at Centrum’s 2009 Festival of American Fiddle Tunes:
“I’m Gettin’ Ready to Go”

“Obama’s March to the White House”

The Twins on stage at the Denver Uke Fest 2010:
“Only Missed it by Two” by Carl Jones
“Double Talk”

“Maybelle’s Dance”